Romance Writers Weekly ~ Where Does She Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Another week, another Blog Hop from Romance Writers Weekly. I love it! This week it was my turn – A.S. Fenichel asks: Choose one of your books and tell us where the idea came from. Was it a dream, an overheard conversation, did it spark from a previous book you wrote? How did the idea come to you and how did it evolve into a full story. If you want to share a snippet, that would be awesome too. Here we go! Ideas for books come to me in many ways. Once I was sitting listening to a bunch of authors talk … Continue reading →

Fairy-tale Friday – Cinderella

To me fairy-tales are the heart of all storytelling. I love a good story and where they come from is a fascination for me. When I was little my dad bought me a wonderful book when he was on a business trip. He often brought presents home when he’d been away. Once a book about animals and once this book of stories, which I still have the book as a constant reminder of my dad and of the importance of a good fable. – My favorite of all the stories is Cinderella. I loved it so much as a child, my brother called … Continue reading →

Romance Writers Weekly ~ Lunch with KING!

Welcome back to the hop! This week we’re doing lunch. Leslie Hachtel wants to  know, If you any writer (living) and just chat about stuff, who would you choose and what do you think you would talk about? Stephen King! I know, I’m a romance writer. I’m supposed to pick a romance author. I’m sure it would be fascinating to sit down with Heather Graham or Nora Roberts. But Stephen King! Wouldn’t you love to pick that brain? I know I would. I hope we would talk about dreams and where stories come from. I hope he would tell me something … Continue reading →

Romance Writers Weekly ~ Purse Dump!

We have a fun one for you today from Romance Writers Weekly. This week Brenda Margriet has initiated a PURSE DUMP. What’s in your purse? What does what you carry tell others about you? Did you hop over from Jenna Da Sie’s Blog. Hop on back after you see what’s in my purse. So what do we know about me from this lot? I went food shopping yesterday and there’s the receipt to prove it. I carry a lot (way too much) swag for just a day in the life. I always carry a tape measure. You just never know … Continue reading →

Wishing Game Back on the Book Shelves!

May all your wishes come true. I’m so happy to be able to rerelease this wonderful novella.       Wishing Game The Earl of Westbridge is dying, and without a male heir. His daughter Mary will lose her home if she does not marry before her father passes. She has already turned down two men while holding onto the hope of finding true love. In her desperation, she plays the wishing game, a childhood folly devised to chase away fear during thunderstorms. Avery is the unwilling heir to the Westbridge earldom. He arrives a few days before the spring … Continue reading →