FairyTale Friday ~ More Elves From the Grimm Brothers

So, this one seems to lack an ending. It’s called, The Servant Maid and the Elves. While it has a good beginning in the fashion that the Grimms wrote. It seems to just end with no HEA to be found. I’ll put it here and let you decide what you think.   1812 GRIMM’S FAIRY TALES Jacob Ludwig Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm THERE was once a poor servant maid, who was very cleanly and industrious; she swept down the house every day, and put the sweepings on a great heap by the door. One morning, before she began her … Continue reading →

FairyTale Friday ~ The Elves and the Changeling

This week is a strange but short fairy tale; and I’m not sure what to make of it. So I will put it here and you can tell me what you think. If anyone has the slightest clue what this is about or what message it sends, I’ll be delighted to hear your thoughts. . The Elves and the Changeling The Brother’s Grimm 1812 . The elves once took a child away from its mother, and left in its place a changeling with a big head and staring eyes, who did nothing but eat and drink. The mother in her … Continue reading →

Romance Writer’s Weekly ~ Love on the Move ~ Flash Fiction

This weeks challenge comes from Marc Stevens – Flash Fiction Challenge: Planes, trains, and automobiles (or even boats) give us a quick scene set on/in a moving vehicle. ___ It was just a quick trip into London but every passenger who bumped her arm or jostled her handbag set her heart pounding. Everything was okay, she could do this. . Checking her ticket for the twentieth time, she looked at the seat numbers posted above. The train jerked forward and she gripped the seatback to steady herself. . An arm wrapped around her waist, “Easy there, miss.” Rich Scottish vowels rolled … Continue reading →

FairyTale Friday ~ The Shoemaker and the Elves

  I was on vacation last week so this week we have The Shoemaker and the Elves. Do you know this one? I really like it. Just in case you never heard it, here’s an abridged version. ___________________ Once upon a time… there was a shoemaker who became very poor. So poor he only had leather enough to make one more pair of shoes. Before he went to bed, he carefully cut the leather out for his last pair of shoes and placed it on his workbench to be finished the next morning. He said his prayers and went to … Continue reading →

Romance Writers Weekly ~ What’s Your Point of View?

  So sorry I missed you last week. I was on vacation in Oklahoma and Missouri. It was lovely in Missouri but a bit HOT in Oklahoma. Still, the park was stunning and I had my own private writer’s retreat while there. Then we played in Branson for a few days with some great friends. LOVE the Ozarks. . I took the baton from Jenna Da Sie. If you started here, make sure you check her out and see what POV she’s into. . This week the lovely Carrie Elks asks, Writing can be in-tense. Do you have a preferred … Continue reading →