Dragon in the Blood ~ Juliette Cross

Please welcome my dear friend Juliette Cross with her brand new release, Dragon in the Blood. I just got my copy, go get yours! Book Two: Vale of Stars – Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance Date of Publication: July 26, 2016 ASIN: B01FNI7L1E Word Count: 72K Cover Artist: Kanaxa       – Book Description:   When desire bites, there’s no patience for a slow burn. While all seems quiet in Gladium Province, the Morgon Guard—the global justice force for the dragon hybrid race—knows their enemy is rebuilding its forces in the underground. Valla Moonring, an assassin for the Order of the … Continue reading →

Romance Writers Weekly ~ It’s All About Setting, Or Not

Welcome back to the Romance Writers Weekly Blog Hop. #lovechatwrite Did you make your way here from Leslie Hachtel’s blog? I hope so, because that means you’re already in the MOOD. And this week’s topic was Leslie’s idea. – Leslie Hachtel wants to know if, a writer I know sets her mood with candles and music that suit her characters. Do you do anything special to put you in the right frame of mind to sit down and create? – The short answer is – NO. – LOL I do not listen to music, light candles or create a shadowbox that represents … Continue reading →

Fairy Tale Friday ~ Rumpelstiltskin

Do you know the story of Rumpelstiltskin? I don’t know if it’s as popular as some others. Disney never made a movie about it. Probably because its all about greed. Here’s an abbreviation of the story according to my book of nursery rhymes. There was once a miller who was poor, but he had a beautiful daughter. It happened he had an audience with the king and to make himself look important he told the king that he had a daughter who could spin gold out of straw. The king ordered the miller to bring his daughter to the castle … Continue reading →

Romance Writers Weekly ~ The Rest of Your Life

This week Jenna Da Sie wants to know, if you had to live in one country the rest of your life, besides the one you live in now, which country would it be and why? Easy question for me – England! I know, I know. I love Italy. I’m always going on and on about Italy. I do LOVE Italy and it’s my favorite place to vacation. But… if I have to choose a place to live the rest of my life, it would be England. First of all, I speak the language. Well, sort of. LOL Second, I love the … Continue reading →

Fairy Tale Friday ~ Sleeping Beauty

. What’s your favorite version of Sleeping Beauty. I used to think mine was the original Disney version. A bit scary but really good story. Then recently I saw Maleficent! FABULOUS! Now that’s a great story. – But I’m going too fast. Sleeping beauty is the story of a jealous rage where a vengeful fairy puts a curse on a baby. Before she reaches the age of sixteen she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall asleep until Kissed by her true love. It’s a ridiculous notion that a prince, no matter how charming, can fall in … Continue reading →