Here’s what readers are saying about A.S. Fenichel’s books…


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4.5 Stars: Will Read For Feels: “When I started reading Deception, I was prepared for the action flick pacing of the story and, yes, the swoon-worthy characters. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sweetness of the story that unfolded between Lilly and Dorian, and the fact that in this novel, the author has definitely kicked the steam factor up a couple of notches. And I found myself plunged into fandom yet again.”

5 Stars: The Fringes of Reality: There was a lot of demon killing and plenty of suspense and action to keep me riveted. The mix of fantasy, romance, and history is a winning combination, and I highly recommend reading this book.

5 Stars: Kerry: I loved this book! Wonderful second story in a series. I can’t wait for the next one up. Would recommend to any of my friends.


Ascension 2 (2)

5 Stars: Patty: “Grab emergency lights, crawl up with a handy knife & open this tale of Supernatural mayhem starring a knife welding heroine & a hero who CRAVES her warrior moves!”

4 Stars: Ren: “…with a dash of supernatural and plenty of action! Add it with ass kickin heroine and a hero to die for, you will regret it if you miss this one.”






4 Stars: Night Owl Reviews: “The connection between Jess and Rain is blistering. The chemistry builds from the beginning of the story. I liked that it was not a love at first sight story. It was realistic seeing them fall in love with each other. The sex scenes were scorching.”

5 Stars: The Jeep Diva:  “This fascinating world and captivating characters has certainly caught my interest and there was never a dull moment is this enjoyable and entertaining read and I can’t wait to read the next one.”






Joshua's Mistake by A.S. Fenichel5 Stars: Kaylyn: “If you are looking for a new paranormal then look no further this is it. It is full of action, love and plenty of paranormal abilities to peak your interest. I really loved this book and a lot of it had to do with the fact that I haven’t read anything like this series.”

4 Stars: Gaele: “So many things to like, and if you want a well-crafted paranormal story with some unusual elements – this is certainly a choice!”






Kane's Bounty by A.S. Fenichel5 Stars: Lisa: “A hot bounty hunter and some cool magical stones. What’s not to love?
It was hard to put the book down and return to reality as I wanted to keep reading and find out what happened next.”


5 Stars: Cara: “This book is delicious! Oh my word I loved it. I loved that alpha side of Kane, especially when he was in the bar rescued Lena from Wade and took her to safety, before even talking to her. I love the way Kane tells Lena that he doesn’t know what love is! I love the way that Kane protects Lena from his own brother! But finally I love the way Kane looks at Lena and tells her he’s not worthy of her.”



WishingGame-ASF_Final-ebook5 Stars: C.D.: “An excellently written story packed into a few pages. The depth of the characters, a fast paced story that unfolds on every page with sentiment and interest makes for a great read. The book ends before you want it to.”


5 Stars: Andrea: “If you are a lover of regency romance and in need of a quick bedtime read, Wishing Game definitely should be on your list of must reads.”





AE-returning-soon-holder-cover-5505 Stars: K.W.: “Alaska comes alive in this story. Yes it is a wonderful love story of two different kinds of people meeting and falling in love with a beautifully described background. Made me want to go on an Alaskan Cruise.”







Revving Up the Holidays by A.S. Fenichel4 Stars: Kathleen “Revving Up The Holidays is an enjoyable holiday erotic romance that will certainly rev up your holiday spirits!”

4 Stars: Wicked Reads Reviews: “I loved the Harley being restored as an allegory to his life, and that he got it! I smiled at the references to academia, as that is the world I inhabit – fun and liberating, thank you!”






Christmas Bliss by A.S. Fenichel5 Stars: Amazon Reader: “Read this on in one sitting…this book was light, sweet, with a little bit of action, and a lot of hope. I enjoyed the setting and the characters even more. Hope there is another one like this.”

5 Stars: Jess: “Anyone who is looking for a good, sweet, kisses only romance will fall in love with Christmas Bliss.”






Mayan Afterglow by A.S. FenichelCornelia: “Mayan Afterglow is a hot, fast action, creative twist on the Mayan Calendar – end of the world premise.”








ebook cover for Mayan CravingRomancing the Book: “So this was really an intense read. You could never know what was going to happen next. So nothing was expected.
I would say that if you want a story that has excitement in it then this is the book for you.”







Mayan Inferno by A.S. Fenichel ebook coverThe Jeep Diva: “I love my romance books and I love me some apocalyptic novels. A combination of the two is a total win win for the Diva.”








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