Shipped from one guardian to another since birth, Sarah Sommers has had enough. Desperate to unite with the father she presumed was dead until recently, she escapes her escort, The Honorable Lord Montgomery Witmore. Monty may be charming and duty-bound, but nothing will stop Sarah from finally having a real home with family who love her.

Monty’s future has been arranged for him, complete with an imminent title and his mother’s choice of dull bride. Delivering Sarah to her new home as ward to his aunt and uncle is an inconvenience, but he’s gaining a fine carriage in return. He never dreamed he’d be chasing the strong-willed Sarah across the countryside. More troubling, he hadn’t expected to find her so beautiful, and much in need of a friend after meeting her despicable father.

Desperate to comfort her troubled soul and lift her spirits, Monty delays their journey in favor of helping Sarah. Though, perhaps it is she helping him see another possible future, one where passion and romance trump duty and obligation. If they can put aside their preconceived ideas of happiness—they may just find the love they both need.

A Haute Ton Reader Society Novella

Historical Romance ◊ Novella ◊ This book is temporarily unavailable.